Many people are going through a transition right now in one way or another.  Whether it’s having the kids back in school, trying to get over an ex and start fresh,
or wanting to leave a business that is no longer serving you.

For many people, transitions can be hard….like I’d rather stay in bed all day than face the world hard.  Let’s face it, change can be uncomfortable.  I mean who hasn’t stayed in a bad relationship for WAY too long???  You knew it needed to end, but you kept hoping that things would change, even though deep down you knew it wouldn’t.

When I am working with my private clients that are going through a transition, they are often surprised to learn WHY they are creating such a painful experience.

We ALL go through transitions, it’s a part of life.

How cool would it be for it not to suck???

There is actually an event that everyone goes through in life that sets the stage for how you will experience transitions in your life.  It’s your birth.

Think about it…your birth is your first transition into this life.  The experience you have with your birth wires your body on how to handle future transitions.

  • Were you born via c-section?  You may never feel like you are ready for a transition, like you are always forced into new things.
  • Were you a forceps baby?  You may always feel like you need assistance from others when navigating a transition.
  • Did your mom have pain medication during labor?  You may often feel disoriented during times of transition.
  • Were there serious complications during your birth?  Transitions will feel very threatening to you.

Then think about other transitions in your life?  Going to school, leaving home, having a baby, getting married, getting a divorce… How were those experiences?

The bottom line is how you have been wired to go through transition may be severely limiting your ability to consciously create the life you want.  Here’s how it can show up.  You may be in a business that is sucking the life out of you…you may have clients that are super needy and draining…you may have a personal relationship that feels like torture…YET instead of letting it go, you stay.

My son just started kindergarten a few weeks ago.  New school…new teacher…going on the bus for the first time.  It could have been a nightmare because I am aware of how he has been wired to handle transitions.  He was born via c-section after being 2 weeks “late”.  Apparently, I made it way too comfortable to want to come out!

Leading up to his first day, he kept saying the phrase over and over…”mommy, I’m not ready”  “mommy, I’m not ready.”  I kept saying, yes you are…but it didn’t matter.  I could have said that until I was blue in the face, but it would not change anything, it would not re-wire his body.  That phrase was coming from his subconscious.

In the few days leading up to school starting, I did energy work on him to re-wire his body on how he handled transitions.  I removed the trauma and abruptness of the c-section, so he could create a NEW empowering relationship with transition.  I’ll never forget what he said right after he got off the bus from his first day of school.  He said “mom, I had nothing to be worried about.”  My heart melted.  He was happy and I felt empowered.

Understanding and knowing how he was wired to handle transitions and having the tools to re-wire his body so that he (and I) could have a great start to the school year has been a tremendous blessing!

So, I want you to think about a transition you are going through right now.  Is there is something that you are holding on to that is no longer serving you?
Why are you hanging on?  How would your life and business change if you felt empowered to let go of it?

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