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Have you ever felt like you were NOT serving your purpose to your fullest potential? (maybe you feel like that right now)

Have you ever sabotaged yourself when you were on the verge of a huge breakthrough?

Well, I can totally relate, and I can help!

I want to share with you my story of transformation, one that is also possible for you!

3 1/2 years ago after I starting getting panic attacks and severe anxiety, I stopped working, had days I couldn’t leave my house, or drive a car. I was at rock bottom. After learning natural, powerful, & effective tools & techniques, I have healed the root cause of those issues, which stemmed from childhood.

It was mind-blowing to me (at the time) how experiences that happened so long ago were effecting me in the present moment.

Then I learned that we are the most impressionable when we are younger. We develop patterns and habits based on what we see others do, and also in a way to “protect” ourselves. Those patterns, if not changed, can be impacting your life at this moment.

I realized my habit of people pleasing, being a “control freak”, and wanting to be perfect…were just that, habits! They were not related to my truth, a part of me, or something that was “genetically” imprinted into me.

I’ve used these same tools to “re-wire” my nervous system so that I no longer have those habits. Just like smoking is a habit, so is wanting to control everything or wanting to be perfect!

There are habits that are preventing you from succeeding in your business and in life. What it may look like is shrinking back in a sales conversation right when you get to the financial part, or thinking something has to be absolutely perfect before you can share it (like a video, your newsletter, your sales copy)! And you end up wasting lots of time “perfecting” things and less time moving forward.

It’s time to re-wire these habits so you can be FREE and create the results you want in your business and life!

Here are the 3 steps to start to change your habit!

  1. Identify the habit
  2. Identify what need the habit is meeting
  3. Meet that need in a new, more empowering way

You see, everything we do meet our needs in one way or another, good or bad. When you replace that habit with a new healthier way of meeting the need, you stop the habit. It can be that easy!

If you would like to dive deeper on this topic, check out The Shine Factor training call!

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Happy Habit Hunting!

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