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So it’s the beginning of March…2 months of 2014 are already in the books…

Are you meeting your monthly goals?

Are you even setting monthly goals?

If you aren’t setting goals…I suggest you start doing that ASAP!

In fact…let’s all take a moment right NOW to set your income goal for March!

Write it down somewhere and look at that number often!

Ok, so now let’s talk about if you are not reaching your monthly goals…

The #1 Reason I find people don’t meet their goals is a LACK OF BELIEF in themselves!  That can be a very hard thing to hear sometimes.  But I promise you if you consciously work on believing in yourself MORE…you will be shocked by what is possible!  It can be very easy to subconsciously to blame other things…our website, other people, etc.

Now if what I said triggers you in any way…it’s a good indication this is exactly what you need to work on to reach your goals.

I created a video in the 30 Days to Shine with Speaking Series dedicated specifically to addressing this epidemic called…

Breaking Through Limiting Beliefs!

2 300x184 This may not make me very popular...

Click here to watch the video







Every single action we take comes from a belief…and if there is a lack of belief it will show up in a few different ways.

• In your sales conversations – when there is an objection you feel very uncomfortable and immediately back down and allow that person to stay in their story

• In closing the room in a talk – you come across as very uncomfortable that you are offering an opportunity to go deeper with you

• In your marketing – you are NOT standing in your power and standing up for how you really help people

• You are probably hiding and playing it safe overall in sales conversations, your talks, and your marketing

The #1 thing that has shifted for me in the past 2 months that have lead to amazing results is taking a QUANTUM LEAP in my belief in myself!

Check out the video where I give a VERY powerful tip to shift this!

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