axstj forfreeimg 7026 1013 2243 300x200 Are you giving away your services?

There is a massive epidemic happening right now.

It’s not the chicken pox or measles…it’s Giving your services away-itis! AWWWWW!

To be more serious, it is an epidemic. I was doing some research for a new program I have coming up and I spoke to over 15 women the past 2 weeks and EVERY SINGLE ONE of them 

was either SEVERELY undercharging or giving their services away for FREE!

Now, this is NOT a judgement because I used to do this myself. And I have to share with you that it is BAD NEWS!

I shared more in depth about this on my Spreecast last Friday. You can still get the replay if you want, it is only available for a LIMITED time.

Click here for the replay

I know one big reason why this happens so often….

because at the end of the day we just want to help people, right?

We are compassionate & caring souls that know we can make a difference in someone else’s life.


Doing this is a TOTAL disservice to YOU AND the other person.

One Reason why is…we keep them in their story…we are enabling them, which is NOT helpful.

Now, I am NOT saying you can’t ever do community service or help someone out that is in a rough patch…BUT, if this is the NORM
there is a HUGE problem!

In the Spreecast I share a few other very important reasons WHY this is BAD NEWS and how you can change it!

Click here for the replay

The bottom line…is that this choice is keeping you stuck & potentially struggling financially and you are NOT meant for that!

So, right here right now, make the commitment to STOP the INSANITY! Stand in your value and show up as the person you
are meant to be!

Believe Grow Shine

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