Are you “shoulding” all over yourself?

What are you forcing in your business that is not in alignment with who you really are?

If you are shoulding or forcing in any way…you are REPELLING ideal clients from working with you. Because you don’t really want to do it & and it’s not who you really are!

It has been very clear to me lately based on conversations I have had with clients & potential clients that the old ways of doing business are OVER!

The cookie-cutter plans and everyone doing the same exact thing are NOT working!

For example, I was talking with a client last week that was told she needed to do speaking to grow her business. BUT…she didn’t really want to and felt there must be something wrong with her for feeling that way.


Now don’t get me wrong…I am a HUGE advocate of using speaking to grow your business (I use it myself), BUT only if it’s in alignment with who you are!

Speaking is NOT for everyone!

It is different if you are avoiding it because of fear, but this was not the case!

I know so many entrepreneurs that are trying to use cookie cutter ideas to grow their business! Many have spent thousands & thousands of dollars on programs…without moving forward!

To get what you really want…your actions need to be in alignment with who you really are!

3 Keys to Drop the “Shoulds” & Start Shining

  1. Recognize your unique gifts, talents & intentions- What do you really want to do? What are YOUR values? What would be the best use of your gifts & talents? We are all unique individuals…stop believing that what other people do is what you have to do…follow your heart, it will never lead you in the wrong direction. To access the answers to these questions you need to be able to think for yourself (something we are not often taught in society)…no one else can tell you the answers.
  2. Remember, results don’t lie- Look at what you have done in the past that has produced the best results…that is universe’s way of helping you realize where your brilliance lies. Is it speaking in large groups? Small groups? Doing sponsorship? Leading tele-classes? Do you get better results in person via virtually? Working 1-1? In a group?
  3. What is your biggest fear?- You will shine your brightest when you are overcoming your fear, stepping into your full power, & believing in yourself more than you ever have before!  I like to say to use fear as your NORTH STAR, as a way of guiding you in the right direction!