It is fascinating how the mind and body work and how it relates to your success.

There is a part of you that is SO powerful and fearless, it know’s no limits!

It has absolutely no problem being 100% YOURself and confidently engaging and deeply connecting with a room full of strangers in a talk.

It approaches a sales conversation completely unattached from the outcome with the mindset of seeing if you are both a good fit.

It goes after what you desire unapologetically!


MANY people do NOT know exactly how to access this power or what blocks them from accessing this power that EVERYONE has within.

What is actually blocking this power may surprise you.

It’s a past crisis or trauma that is still energetically unresolved or compartmentalized (it doesn’t matter how many years ago it happened).

After you go through a crisis or trauma, there is a part of you that energetically splits off, or compartmentalizes. This is for your protection and “survival”.

This part of you can hold onto emotions that you suppressed that you didn’t feel safe expressing at the time of the crisis. It can hold onto fears, beliefs, or other people’s energy from the situation. Basically, anything that your body didn’t feel like it could “handle” at the time, gets held by this part of you. It is SO powerful!

And this part of you stays compartmentalized or split from you until you CONSCIOUSLY do specific things to re-integrate it.

Let me share an example. When Judy first started working with me she was struggling in her business. Her confidence was low. She knew she was REALLY good at what she did, but couldn’t seem to reach her goals in her business. She felt herself shrink back when she had opportunities to speak to groups at networking events. She was really puzzled about what was holding her back. She found herself sometimes paralyzed by fear of what others would think about her in those speaking opportunities.

After we dug deeper, it became very clear to me what was going on.

Judy had success in a past career and business and about 5 years ago, when she was at height of success she had a huge health crisis. One that took her completely away from her work, and that changed the course of her career. She dealt with the health crisis and got the support she needed to move forward and now her health is not an issue. BUT, she still had A LOT of fear about it happening again if she became that successful. There were other fears and beliefs that she had compartmentalized like…she can’t be successful without sacrificing her health. She had fears about not being in control of how she gets to spend her time as her business grows. She had some anger stored away about how sudden it all seemed. All of this energy was being compartmentalized or held by a part of her that is super powerful and fearless. Holding this energy by this part of her makes it unavailable to help her move forward again. So she was STUCK in that state of compartmentalizing. She didn’t even know it!

Even though the health crisis had happened 5 years ago, because she was still in a compartmentalized state, it was impacting her confidence in herself and her decisions in her business.

After working together to re-integrate this part of her, she now is confident and LOVES speaking and uses it as a way to grow her business. She has signed up several new clients in the last few months, and is on track to have her best month ever in her business, a $10,000 month!

Here’s how you know if this could be impacting you and your business… You know that you are really good at what you do, but…

  1. You have opportunities to speak or share your message in a bigger way but you are not doing it.
  2. You meet a bunch of new contacts at a networking event or conference and you don’t follow up with them.
  3. When you are having a conversation with someone you meet and they seem VERY interested in what you have to offer, BUT you don’t invite them into a sales conversation or actually offer your services.
  4. You find yourself hiding behind your computer or there are plenty of great articles you have written and videos you have taken that are still sitting on your computer or phone.

How has a past event or crisis that is still compartmentalized impacting your business?

What is possible for your business if you knew how to access that powerful, fearless part of yourself?

With Courage,


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