Life is very interesting, isn’t it.  
In order to be “successful” (whatever your definition of success is) and create a life you really LOVE, there are a lot of skills that are important….like knowing what you want, how to create it,  managing your finances, and I could go on and on.
But, I have found 1 secret ingredient that I believe is your biggest asset, ESPECIALLY when you are looking to Bounce Back from a personal crisis.  It’s something that no one else can give you.
It’s your Courage.
Now before you roll your eyes…think about it.  There is a line from the movie “We Bought a Zoo” where they say “You only need 30 seconds of insane courage to change your life”.  Think about it…what is 1 thing that you have been putting off doing that if you just had 30 seconds of insane courage you could do.  
Maybe it’s the courage to…
  • Have a difficult conversation that needs to happen that you have been avoiding
  • look at a challenging situation that is very uncomfortable 
  • leave a relationship that is no longer serving you
  • tell someone how you really feel
  • stand up for yourself for the 1st time ever
  • go after what you REALLY desire (like book that dream trip)
How would that change your life?
Recently, I was looking back at the personal crisis’ I have overcome in my life from my Dad dying when I was 3, to leaving a physically abusive relationship in my early 20’s, to overcoming recovering memories of childhood sexual abuse and the most important asset I have found to NOT stay stuck in the “challenge” has been my  COURAGE.
My courage to feel the pain, anger, & rage I had toward God from my Dad dying at such a young age and feeling like someone I loved was ripped out of my life
My courage to feel the anger and rage toward my Dad for making poor choices that lead to his death.
My courage to feel the anger and rage I had toward my person that sexually abused me.
My courage to forgive the person that sexually abused me.
My courage to keep moving forward in my life and choosing to LIVE life and not just survive.
My courage for confronting my “demons” head on and not letting them control my life.
The courage to love and believe in myself more than I ever have before!
So, I want to invite you to dig into your courage right here right now and ask yourself … How do you want to use it to get more of what you want out of life?
If you feel inspired to share what that is specifically, I would love to hear it!
With Courage,
P.S. If you are stuck from a personal crisis and want to learn how to Bounce Back Better than ever…sign up for a 30 min Complimentary Rock Your World Consult with me!  Click here to sign up! 
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