12208063 breaktherules How are your rules keeping you stuck?

I just attended an event with David Neagle and it was all about breaking the rules that each of us has in place for ourselves about how we live our life. I learned that most of the rules we learned at a very young age from our parents or others.

One of the rules that I really connected with – that I think is one many can relate to – is that wanting to meet your own needs is SELFISH!

Right? Have you ever felt “selfish” for wanting to do what YOU wanted???? I know I have in the past. For years this rule prevented me from doing many things I would have enjoyed!

However, David had a very different definition of what selfish means. He said that it’s “expecting other people to live the way you want them to live!”

So that means that when you are doing something that you want to do, you are standing in YOUR truth, NOT being selfish.

For example, being a mom of 2 young children, I imagine that many people would say that I was being selfish to go to a seminar for 4 days and leave my family. And, if this was a few years ago, I probably would have bought that “rule.”
Not anymore!

I have let go of this rule and now stand in my truth that if something is for my highest good, then I am going to pursue it.

Ask yourself how many times in your life you have felt guilty for following your heart or dreams? Or even worse, you have STOPPED following them because of the fear of feeling or being seen as selfish.

Ask yourself what is something that you truly want to do but haven’t. Is it because you thought you were being selfish, or some other rule that doesn’t serve you? Give yourself permission to break that rule and do it anyway! (As long as it’s legal, ethical, and for your highest good!)

I have the power to create my own rules!
I give myself permission to follow my dreams!

Make it an OUTSTANDING week! It’s your choice!

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