15760632 s Worrying what they will think?Just before I left for LA I decided I was going to consistently do videos about my experience going to LA and expanding my comfort zone with being more visible.

Now I have worked through a lot of issues and let go of old stories around being comfortable with being more visible.  I mean I have overcome my fear of public speaking and have had a lot of success as a result!
I was surprised by what stretched me the most about the trip…
I thought maybe the flash mob with be pretty scary…but it wasn’t.
I thought having photos taken in an LA studio would be really scary…but it was only a little scary and turned out to be a BLAST!
What stretched me the most about the trip was taking the videos and sharing the behind the scenes and posting them on Facebook.
The reason it stretched me so much was because I found myself wondering…how are people going to respond?  Are they going to think I’m trying to show off?
Will they think I’m full of myself?
Can you relate?   
The good news is that I did NOT let it stop me.  But it used to be a different story…
I used to worry A LOT about what other people thought and it used to STOP me from speaking my truth, taking BOLDER action, and growing my business.
It was pretty intense for a long time.  
Are you holding yourself back from the spotlight worrying about what your friends, family, or others will think?
The reason I was able to overcome my fear of public speaking AND post the videos was because I found the tools that allowed me to move through my fear and I wan to share them with YOU!
Because if you don’t get over those fears and move forward… the clients that need you the most will NOT find you!
I want to invite you to join me in a Power-packed training call just for you…
5 Keys to Overcome Your Fear of Speaking & Make More From 1 Talk than Most Make in 1 Month!
Join me and you will learn…
  • The #1 Shift you need to make that can DOUBLE your monthly income!
  • My Best tips to Overcome Fear to Make more from 1 talk than most make in 1 month
  • How to find speaking gigs
  • The #1 way to get clients from speaking
  • The do’s & don’t’s of structuring a talk that leads to clients!
Imagine what you will be able to create in 2014 if you had the confidence & know how to share your message in a much BIGGER way!
  • You could finally take that DREAM vacation you never had the money to take?
  • Having the money to give back to your favorite charity 
  • Enjoying Life so much MORE without constantly worrying about money!
See you on the call!
Believe Grow Shine
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