My heart would beat out of my chest. My throat would close. My palms were so sweaty I needed a towel to dry them off. In that moment I would have rather died than do what I was about to do…

Public Speaking!

It may be hard to believe that as little as 2 years ago I was absolutely TERRIFIED of public speaking!  I avoided it at all costs! Then something happened that changed everything…

I had lived through and overcome so many personal challenges that I could no longer keep quiet. In fact, staying quiet and keeping the message and experiences inside of me started to become way more painful and uncomfortable than speaking!

What used to hold me back is something that holds back 99.9% of people…FEAR!

Maybe you don’t have a fear of speaking, but you have a fear of rejection, failure, success, what other people will think? And it’s holding you back from really stepping up and standing out in your business and living the life of your dreams.

Speaking has been by far the BEST strategy I’ve used to grow my business!

What was on the other side of overcoming my fear of speaking…

  • I have made more from 1 thirty minute speaking gig than most people do in a month!
  • Speaking has allowed me the opportunity to greatly impact a lot more people!
  • Doubling my monthly income!

I’m not saying any of those things to brag, I just wanted to let you know what is on the other side of your fear to inspire you!

Here are the 3 Keys to Help You Overcome Your Fear…

  1. Associate more pain with staying where you are than doing what you are afraid of! I had such a desire to share my experiences and challenges that I overcome that the thought of not doing it became more painful than doing it!
  2. Let go of the need to be perfect! I had to let go of thinking my talk needed to be perfect in order for it to be effective. I have made many mistakes in my talk, like forgetting to say something I really wanted to say, but no one knows about it! Stop thinking you need to be perfect to be successful!
  3. Focus on the potential outcome, not the fear! I started thinking about how many more people I could reach if I starting speaking. I got really excited and realized I can reach WAY more people and help impact their lives with a lot less effort!

What you focus on grows…so when you focus on the benefits and start to get excited, that grows and pretty soon the fear becomes much smaller!

I am so excited to be speaking at Amanda Moxley’s 3 day event 1 week from today where I will be sharing how to Manifest more confidence, clients, & cash! Two years ago I would have NEVER imagined I would being doing something like that!

If I can do it, you can too!