Do you have what it takes?

As I return to “normal” life after spending a week as a Speaker & Sponsor at Be The Change, I found myself reflecting on my experiences. The lessons I learned could fill a book! But, today I really want to ask you: Do you have what it takes? To accomplish your goals, to make the money you want to make, to have a successful business, to have a successful relationship?

How bad do you want it? What are you willing to do to get what you want?

The experience I had at the event really challenged me around this question. The event went really late every night. This was my first BIG speaking sponsorship, so I was WAY out of my comfort zone. I was really throwing my hat in the ring and stepping UP and OUT in a HUGE way.

I found that my secret weapon that allowed me to navigate the emotional roller coaster was using my own tools and techniques to be able to instantly snap out of any fear, worry, or doubt. Did I have moments of it…YES! Did it overwhelm or control me….NO!

Do you know what do to when you are feeling fearful, stressed, worried, or overwhelmed? If you don’t, it may feel like a struggle to get to where you really want to go! Everyone experiences these emotions as you go through rapid growth and expansion. The difference is how quickly can you snap out of those negative emotions????

Here are some quick tips to get you moving in the right direction…

1. What are you focusing on? We actually create our emotions. So when you are feeling fearful, stressed, worried, or overwhelmed you were just thinking about something that created those emotions.

Quick Tip: STOP and think of 5 things you are grateful for!

2. How are you holding your body? When we are experiencing those emotions, our body position is generally rounded forward and closed off to opportunity!

Quick Tip: Stand or sit up straight! Throw your shoulders back, head up high, chest out and watch your energy instantly shift!

3. Have FAITH! When we feel those negative emotions it disconnects us from God and the Universe. It breaks our faith in ourselves and how we are divinely supported at ALL TIMES!

Quick Tip: Focus on your heart and your faith and imagine it growing and expanding rapidly!

So there you have it, some tools to help you along your journey to accomplish what you really want in life and your business!

Make it an OUTSTANDING week! It’s YOUR choice!