I hope you are having an awesome day!

I was thinking about you all today as I was reminded yesterday talking with a potential client about a “deadly” pattern I see in SO many women. It was effecting her relationships, health, & confidence in herself.

The pattern I am talking about is wanting to control others & life in general!

And before you think I’m judging anyone about this…know that I am the first to admit I am a “recovering control freak”!

This pattern can be so deeply ingrained and will SUCK the life out of you!

 This sneaky deadly pattern impacts your whole life!

You see, the root of this pattern is an unexpected past life event that taught you “you can’t trust life/God/the Universe”! You have “coped” from this past event BUT not fully grown from it to turn it into a “Blessing”!

It does NOT matter how long ago this event happened it can be GREATLY impacting your life RIGHT NOW!

Here’s how it may be showing up in your life…

  • you don’t agree with the choice a friend or loved one has made so you try to “convince” them otherwise…and you can’t let it go.  You keep saying it’s because you care (and you do) but it is unhealthy
  • you only feel “good” when things are happening HOW you want, WHEN you want.  The moment a curve ball comes in you get triggered and can go into a tailspin about it
  • if things are not going how you want you instantly go into fear, doubt, worry, & anxiety (sometimes for days!)

And what is so sneaky about this pattern is that you justify it by saying you just really care, which you do BUT there are healthier ways to show your support than trying to control someone.

What is important for you to realize is that when we are trying to control things in life or others we are really affirming to the Universe/God/life that we do NOT trust it.  And we are trying to “protect” ourselves or others from experiencing something like that again.  BUT it doesn’t work that way!  And what’s even WORSE is that by coming from that place of FEAR you are going to attract more experiences that re-enforce that fear and that you can’t trust life!

Is that what you really want????

So the best thing that I know to do is to go back and resolve that past experience and grow from it…let go of the unhealthy patterns that stemmed from that experience so you are FREE to create what you really want!  (This is exactly what I help my clients do!)

If you are READY to change this story & controlling pattern then I want to invite you into a Rock Your World Session with me!

Go NOW to www.believegrowshine.com/wakeup to apply for a spot!

During this session you will discover:
  • how growing from this past life event (even if it was years ago) not just coping will change your life!
  • how changing the sabotaging patterns will change your life!

Imagine what it would feel like to “let yourself off the hook” of feeling responsible for everyone in your life and to actually TRUST life again (not just
intellectually but in your whole being!)

I look forward to talking with you!  Even if we are not a good fit to work together, I know this conversation could change your life!

With Courage,


P.S. Go NOW to apply for a Complimentary Rock Your World Session with me!  Can you afford to pass up this opportunity?


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