One of the most powerful side effects that comes after going through a personal crisis is the sneakiest saboteur to your business success!

This side effect is so sneaky, it can take down even the best of us!

What makes it SO sneaky is that it is SO easy to fall into this trap… (I know I have MANY times!) In fact, we have been conditioned to fall into this trap and it is ACCEPTED and often encouraged in our society.

I have seen people…

  • quit their business and get a job
  • end marriages and friendships
  • or let their health get so bad, they died (not to be gloomy)

…BECAUSE of this side effect.

The side effect I am referring to is victimization energy or believing that this past crisis or anything in life “happens TO you”, not “FOR you”.

Now, I am NOT pointing fingers because I have definitely fallen into this trap (more than once!) This can be a VERY tricky energy to break out of! In fact, in the past there were many times I had fallen into this trap and didn’t even know it!

Here are some of the sneaky ways victimization energy can show up in your business…

  • You (sometimes unconsciously) blame your coach or mentor for the lack of results you have in your business (I’ve done that!)
  • You have a day(s) when it seems like nothing is going right…technology is not working, your child is home sick from school and you have a HUGE to-do list that should have been completed yesterday, your VA is taking a REALLY long time on a project you needed done last week. You basically feel like it’s been challenge after challenge (Yes, I’ve definitely been there!)
  • You are getting a bunch of No’s from prospective clients saying they “don’t have the money”. (Yup, been here too!)

What makes victimization energy so sneaky is that it hides out in our subconscious (beneath the surface), which makes up 90-95% of us. This is the most powerful part of ourselves, where the majority of our decisions come from. It stores our beliefs, our past experiences, and our habits. If you have had a experiences in the past where you felt victimization energy in any way (even if it was back in childhood), those experiences will start to stack up.

It’s like building evidence that “life happens TO you”! The more evidence you have complied, the harder it is to break free from the victimization energy!

It is NOT enough to just say, I am going to take full responsibility for everything in my life! Or to just be consciously aware of taking responsibility and getting out of victimization energy.
If that was the case, no one would be blaming anyone else for anything! And I’m pretty confident that is NOT the reality you are experiencing, right? It’s way more complex because this energy lives in your subconscious (beneath the surface).

I can not stress how important it is for you to break out of this energy…its a matter of your success vs. failure!

This energy impacts…

  • your perceptions and how you react/respond to potential clients saying no or they don’t have the money for your services
  • the actions you do or do NOT take each day in your business, whether you pick up the phone to make those follow up calls or not.
  • your belief in yourself and your faith that The Universe/God has your back!

If you do NOT free yourself from this energy, you can expect to keep creating more experiences where you are not feeling like the Empowered Creator that you are! It’s a vicious cycle that snowballs!

If you are ready to banish this sneaky saboteur and create the success you know you are capable of, then I want to invite to a Complimentary Rock Your World Session with me!

During this session you will learn:

  • how this sneaky victimization energy is sabotaging your results
  • what is possible for you and your business once you finally banish from you
  • how to move forward NOW!

To apply for the consultation, go NOW to

It’s time to experience the freedom and success you will have in your life and business when this energy has been banished from you once and for all!

With Courage,


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