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Dear Soul-inspired friend,


You know it’s time for a change.  You are in a place in your life where you are asking who am I?  What do I really want?
Maybe you don’t even know what you want.  You have been awakened spiritually and realize how much of your life has been spent putting everyone else first.  Now it’s YOUR TIME!  You know you want a life that is in alignment with who you are and what you want, but you have been stuck in fear.
Fear of what others think of you going after what you really want…fear of the unknown…fear of failure or success…
You know that it’s time for a change.  In fact, you can feel the need to change so badly that The Universe has made it insanely uncomfortable to keep going how you have been.  Maybe you have been staying in a job that sucks the life out of you.  Maybe you have been staying in a relationship that is holding you back and out of alignment.  Maybe you have manifested a health issue.
Maybe you have even questioned if you really deserve to have what you want???
The truth is…NOT being YOU is sabotaging you from creating everything you really want or knowing what you really want.
You will NOT create a life of abundance, joy, happiness, and success when you are NOT being your true self and making choices that are in alignment with what you want and who you are.
Are you ready to fully step into who you are and create what you want?  Are you ready to know what you want?
The keys to having the power to create everything you want lies in BEING you, the REAL you.
What would it feel like to have a support system that will hold you accountable for knowing and going after YOUR dreams?  
A support system for BEING THE REAL YOU and creating an abundant life!

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1-1 support is designed for people that are willing to get out of their comfort zone and make it a priority to know themselves and take a risk on creating a life that is abundant, successful, and authentic to who they are and what they want.

NO more putting yourself 2nd or 3rd or 4th

NO more playing it safe

NO more making excuses and settling for what you can get

NO more saying “I don’t know what I want”

NO more pushing, forcing, or killing yourself to “make” things happen

The time is NOW.  NO ONE is going to do it for you.  NO ONE is going to make sure you are happy.  It’s 100% your responsibility.

When you look back on your life, do you really want to live with the regret of all the things you DID NOT do?

You know that there are some things within YOU that are holding you back, but you don’t know how to overcome them. 
If we work together, you’ll learn:
– who you really are and what your divine gifts are
– how to use that info to manifest what you want with less effort and ease by being YOU, the REAL YOU
– set clear intentions and allow the Universe to support you
– to surrender and trust life 
– connect with your feminine power by allowing and receiving support
– uncover what you really want
– connect with your intuition to manifest easier and faster
We will start with…
– Initial 90 minute Private Intuitive reading where you will learn your divine gifts, which is the foundation for making choices that are authentic to who you are and for creating with ease.  You’ll also learn and what specific patterns of choice need to change to create what you want with ease and flow.
 If you are ready to look at the YOUR truth and DO something about it.  If you are ready to make changes in your life, you just would like some guidance, accountability, and support.
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This is perfect for people that are:

– in a process of spiritually being awakened 
– tired of playing it safe
– committed to being their authentic self
– willing to acknowledge and go after their true desires
– willing to take 100% responsibility for their life

This is NOT for people that are:

– looking to blame others for their life
– stuck in excuses
– not ready to risk it all to have a life filled with abundance
If I am describing you, then I want to invite you to fill out this questionnaire.  This will help me understand what your needs and goals are and if you are a good fit for the working together.
Fill out the following questions, and I will contact you within 24 hrs to let you know if it’s a good match.  If so, we will set up a time to talk.

***Please note that not all applications will be accepted, so please complete this fully so I can see if I can help.

  • Please enter a value between 1 and 10.
    1 is not urgent at all 10 is extremely urgent like I can't continue any longer with how things are right now

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