What you do NOT know or realize can AND will hurt your business.

Are you experiencing any of the following…

1. You are hiding behind your computer hoping that clients will magically find you or you are passing up great opportunities to put yourself out there in a bigger way(like speaking, networking, hosting live events, etc.)!

2. You are constantly confused about your niche or who you want to help in your business!

3. You are seeking the approval from your clients or looking to be liked in sales conversations!

4. You have a plan of what you want to implement in your business but can’t seem to actually
put it in ACTION for the life of you!

5. You consistently find yourself caught up in drama in your personal life (either with family or friends) that
distracts you from your business and you feel like you need to “fix” everyone else’s life!

I see any combination of the above happening a lot. Some people I talk to have no idea WHY they are struggling and others believe they are struggling for a reason that is different than what is really going on.

Here’s what’s REALLY going on…

So many people are looking for more business strategies to help them get unstuck or enroll in business course after business course looking OUTSIDE of themselves for the answers. BUT, very often the answer is in changing themselves WITHIN!

Here is what I have found to be the “root cause” for many people I talk to…a business owner went through a personal crisis (and this could have been any where from a few months ago to a few years ago) and they are out of the immediate crisis, BUT they are still “recovering” from the crisis.

Here is what I mean by “recovering from the crisis”…that beneath the surface your main motivation is to prevent anything like that from ever happening again! So all of your decisions are based in “keeping you safe”!

Keeping you safe can mean…

  • preventing you from being/feeling rejected so you say NO to opportunities like speaking, doing a live event, networking!
  • keeping you in “confusion” about who you help because if you are never clear then you don’t ever have the chance at “failing”
  • keeping you distracted because if you are always caught up in everyone else’s life then you just don’t have time to really put yourself out there and make yourself vulnerable
  • staying in procrastination because it feels safer to procrastinate and not reach your goals vs. if you really go for it and not reach your goals
  • NEEDING to be liked by your clients or potential clients so much that you let go of all boundaries BUT they like you and that feels safer than speaking your truth and fear of them not liking what you have to say

BUT, if you are going to have a successful business…staying in your ‘”safe zone” will be a HUGE ROAD BLOCK to your business being successful.

What is the risk that you are avoiding with these dysfunctions?

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