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She very accurately put her finger on the three biggest challenges in my life right now, and then helped me see what to do to address them.


Before working with Colleen, I was struggling with a lot of fear and overwhelm. I know that the work I do makes a difference, but I was very apprehensive about getting out there in a big way. Colleen helped me stretch and grow mentally and emotionally, which has had a huge impact on my business. I’m consistently making thousands of dollars more per month now! Plus, she helped me come off of some medication that was no longer serving me. I feel great and am serving more people with my gifts.


Sandy Rees

Get Fully Funded

Before working with Colleen I had invested a lot of money in a business program to build my business and was getting no where. I learned all the strategies I needed, but for some reason I wasn’t taking action, I was holding myself back. I was really questioning if I could make it work. While working with Colleen, she was able to help identify and remove things I had internally that were roadblocks to me taking action, like fears and limiting beliefs.I just had a major breakthrough, I got really clear on who I want to help and how I want to help them, I made more money from a group fitness program than I had in the last 9 months (or ever have before), and I just got my first 4 referrals for private clients.

Amy Ostenkamp

Fit Freedom

I’ve been on a year long journey of self discovery which ultimately led me to Colleen’s door. I was starting a new business and feeling caught in the currents of indecision. I was looking for some clarity on what was blocking my path as well as a stronger trust in what my inner self had to offer.Within my first session a block immediately appeared. I had told Colleen that I would think about working with her, left the office and got into my car. I sat there and said, “Something just isn’t right.” I was struck immediately with the realization that I was giving the power of making such an intimately personal decision to the communal power of my family. I got out of my car, re-entered her office and stated “I’m breaking an old pattern right here and now.” I gave myself full permission to do so and paid for the program in full on the spot.I did this without fear, without expectation and without need. I signed up as a sign of respect for myself and my quest for a more authentically infused life. Two days later, a new client of my business made a purchase that essentially paid for my commitment to honor myself through working with Colleen. I have no idea how that worked, but I know it was a very, very deep blessing that all started when I walked back into Colleen’s office and made a commitment to myself.A thank you Colleen seems a pittance compared to what working with you has given me. You will forever have my deep gratitude. Thank you for sharing yourself, your journey and your very special gifts.


I had stress and anxiety over a significant problem my daughter was having. Colleen helped me realize my stress and anxiety were a major block in my ability to help my daughter. Not only did Colleen help resolve the causes of my stress and anxiety, she also addressed many of my daughter’s issues. I’m supporting my daughter with clarity, hope and feel stress-free and my daughter is starting to thrive.My whole family is actually doing better!


Since working with Colleen, my anxiety has decreased 60%! I am able to handle stressful situations with greater confidence and ease.I would highly recommend her to anyone who seeks a healthier happier life!

Carol M

I was very intrigued and excited to hear what Colleen learned from reading my akashic records.  The reading was rich with insights into who I am, where I came from and past life experiences to place my attention on for healing.  One area that I paid close attention to was related to a fear of intimacy.  I am so grateful that Colleen discovered this in my reading.  With that information, I delved further into understanding and overcoming this fear.  This breakthrough was very freeing and instrumental in my very quickly attracting sexual partners into my life after four years of celibacy.


I feel strongly that the reading shined a significant amount of light on who I really am which enhanced my level of confidence in sharing my light with the world.  Colleen conveyed the reading in a most skillful and compassionate manner.  It was uplifting and provided important insights to place my attention on for growth and healing.  Thank you, Colleen, for sharing your amazing gift with me!


When I first met you and heard about your Company, I had a sense that this somehow was going to change my life. After my reading, and during the 21 days after, I felt something change in me, drastically.  My whole attitude changed.  I became excited about the job I was in, and put everything I had into my job and business development.  I just found out yesterday that I have been promoted to a position that will advance my career immensely.  

My ex-boyfriend is completely gone with no communication or contact.  Out of the blue, I met someone who I completely connect with on every level as complete soulmates.  It was instant.  We both felt the same at the same moment, kind of like an old fashioned “love at first sight” experience.  We both were praying for this and we both are convinced it’s a God thing.  I have never experienced this before.  We have so much in common.  He is excited to move forward and treat my son as his own son.  

I had been praying traditionally for 4 years to break away from my ex-boyfriend.  Nothing worked.  I am convinced the change I felt after meeting with you, and working together is responsible for completely changing circumstances in every aspect of my life.  It felt like a blockage was lifted, weight off my shoulders, a change in mindset, and attitude.   

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul.


“Well into my journey working with Colleen, we were doing some energy work. She asked me if I had been the victim of sexual abuse. I hesitated to answer but my ‘gut’ was screaming YES. I had been raped. It was buried so deeply that I had ‘forgotten’ about it. I even hesitated to label the incident as a rape, though it clearly was. Now, I remember every aspect of it as clear as day…saying no, the smell, the sounds, being steamrolled, hating him, hating myself.

The thing is, when I think about it, it doesn’t have power over me anymore. It happened and it was terrible but I’ve moved on. The self loathing that accompanied that incident has slowly transitioned into self love. I’m a survivor!! I was strong enough to recognize that I needed help and sought it out.

I tried more traditional therapy for years but it only worked to a point. I knew I had self loathing issues but couldn’t get past them. That’s when I ran into Colleen one day after not seeing her for years. 10 minutes of catching up was all it took. I knew she could help. I was tired of listing all the things I wanted in life but was too afraid to go get. I was stuck.

After working with Colleen, I felt free. Self loathing had slowly transitioned to self love and I was able to break through the dozens of walls that I had constructed for self preservation.

Thanks to my hard work and dedication, I’ve recently started to date again. Crafting an online dating profile was a cathartic experience for me. It finally hit home to me that I am a strong, brave, powerful and intuitive woman. Those are words I never would have said, much less thought, several months ago.

My friends and family have noticed a change in me as well. No longer am I the woman who is avoiding the fun of life and just going along with the flow to make others like and accept me. No longer am I the woman who lets men get away with bullying me at work. I’ve learned to stand up for myself and my needs in a powerful, yet respectful, way.

You have to WANT this. It’s hard work and you have to open yourself up to your pain. That being said, the rewards are incredible. It’s the BEST thing I ever did!!!!”


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