handrightup 300x300 Are you looking for permission?

Have you ever had to make a big or small decision and deep down you know exactly what you need to do…but you were scared for one reason or another to make it? 

You go around talking to your friends or family about this decision describing your dilemma secretly hoping to find that exact person that will give you permission to do what you already know you want to! 

You hop from friend to friend until you find the person that tells you what you want to hear!  Can anyone relate??? 

Why do we need permission from others? 

What would change if you could stand in your power and own what you want to do? 

So often we know exactly what we need and want to do. BUT…too often we do NOT give ourselves permission to do it! 

I want to invite you this week to give yourself PERMISSION to… 

  • Follow your heart
  • take that big risk that you know is your exact next step
  • take a break
  • make a mistake
  • look foolish
  • not have it all together
  • let go of trying to control everything
  • make a bold declaration to the Universe about what you want

You get the idea!  I’d love to hear back from you, personally, what are you going to give yourself permission to do this week? 

I will share mine…this week I give myself permission to completely unplug for 2 days the end of this week to re-connect with my vision of what I really want. 

Have an OUTSTANDING week! 

Believe Grow Shine 

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