someonelying web Most people are lying when they say this…

It’s truth time…(dun dun dun)!

Being honest with ourselves and others can be one of the most difficult things to do!

I mean look at all the half-truths and “little white lies” you have been told or told others…Santa Clause, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter bunny…need I say more???

Our society and culture totally supports and makes excuses about why you don’t need to tell the REAL TRUTH. So you have been conditioned to make exceptions…to lie to yourself and others.

Well, I have found it’s the lies that we tell ourselves that are the most detrimental to the success of our businesses and lives. Now, I’m NOT talking about lying in the form of manipulation. I’m talking about subconsciously lying to ourselves…it so dangerous because we do NOT even realize we are doing it!

The common lie or “half-truth” that I have found lately in the business owners that I have been talking to is that say they trust the Universe/God/Higher Power/Life to support them. BUT…their actions and emotions are telling a different story.

Here are some common things I have been hearing that tells me there is a LACK of trust…

I am constantly worrying about my kids.

I am worried about being taken advantage of by others.

I do not really expect that what I want to happen will happen.

I found that the only way for you to see the real truth is to look at the action (or lack of action) that you have been taking and the amount of fear, stress, anxiety, worry, and doubt that you experience on a daily basis.

Remember actions speak louder than words! Anyone can say that they trust life. But do they REALLY believe that? Whatever you really believe will be reflected in your actions or lack there of.

Telling yourself these lies and half truths in NO WAY makes you a “bad person”. But it does reveal that there are traumas from your past that are unhealed. Experiences where you felt God let you down. Where you felt like you were not supported by the Universe. Where you felt like you gave it your “all” but still didn’t get what you want!

You see, underneath the surface those experiences, when they are UNHEALED, start to stack up. It starts to become a pile of evidence WHY you can not trust God/The Universe/Higher power. And that pile of evidence will continue to grow and grow and grow to prove to you what you already believe! It’s a self-fulfilling prophesy!

The problem becomes that when you have your own business NOT trusting that you are supported by a Higher power (whatever you call it) will make growing your business VERY VERY VERY HARD. Because, you will feel like you have to do it ALL by yourself. That YOU are the only one you can trust. It makes it lonely and difficult.

Can you relate?

How many times have you gone to hire someone to help grow your business but you stopped yourself because you feared that person would just steal from you or take advantage of you???

How many times did you have an opportunity to take a big leap in your business but, because YOU couldn’t see how it could all come together, you said no???

How much fear, anxiety, worry, doubt, and stress do you experience on a daily basis about everything and you get overwhelmed???

What would change in your business if you could actually trust life? Trust that you ARE supported and loved by an energy that you can’t physically see. How would you feel on a daily basis if this is the place you were coming from when making decisions? What different choices would you make?

If you know that you have unhealed past traumas that are impacting your ability to trust life and therefore, impacting the decisions you are making in your business, then let’s talk. I am offering a you Complimentary Breakthrough Consultation.

We will talk about what your goals are, what is holding you back, and what is possible if you were to heal from those experiences….if you could start piling up evidence on why you CAN trust life! If it’s a good fit, I will share what it would look like to work toegether.

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