holiday greetings 300x187 Monday Motivator! The Season of excuses, and how to break free!I don’t have the time. I don’t have the money. Tomorrow. Next week. Next month. Next year. I have family in town. I’m going out of town. I’m too busy. My kids really need me. My spouse won’t let me. It’s not my fault. And the list could go on and on of excuses I hear people say all the time, especially this time of year!

Think of the area of your life that you are the MOST unhappy/ have the most stress… your weight, your relationships, finances, your health, your career, and ask yourself “what excuses do I tell myself?” These excuses are the downfall of you moving forward. Chances are you have been using these excuses for a LONG TIME!

Want a breakthrough???? You need to break your pattern. So if you are working on your weight and you have been telling yourself that you will start exercising after the Holidays, start TODAY! Why wait? January will come and go and chances are you will have not done 1 workout! Or if you start, it will be for a few weeks and then you will stop. Whatever it is that you think needs to wait, break out of that pattern by starting TODAY! You will feel so amazing!

The times when we use excuses the most is also the time we can move forward the fastest by doing the opposite of what we normally do.

About a year ago I was in a place in my life where excuses ruled my life. I was miserable! My finances were a disaster, my career was going no where, my relationships were suffering. I was stuck in serious rut! That rut was FILLED with excuses! I had met a woman that did healing work and I thought she was very expensive. I hesitated for a few months about working with her telling myself that “I don’t have the money.” It was true, however, when I dropped the excuses and made the decision to work with her, the money showed up! It was a serious turning point in almost all areas of my life. Since then my life has moved forward at warp speed and I have never looked back. Ditching the “I don’t have the money” excuse has opened my life up to amazing healing, experiences, joy, and giving back in ways I never thought possible.

Which excuses are you willing to leave behind to create a life you love? Ditch the excuse and do whatever it is that you told yourself you couldn’t do TODAY!

The time is NOW!
I am abundantly supported in moving forward in my life!

Make it an OUTSTANDING week!

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