It’s that time of year where most people will make their New Year’s Resolutions…and FAIL miserably! Only 12% of resolutions are successful! YIKES! That’s pathetic! However, it does make sense to me. A habit doesn’t permanently just change because it’s a new year. I do know exactly HOW to permanently change a bad habit, and I’m going
to share with you my story. Enjoy the video!

I can’t believe I’m really going to share this story with you! It’s personal and embarrassing, but I know it will help to illustrate the point. So here it goes…This is the story about how I broke my DAILY Starbucks habit for good!

I went to Starbucks EVERY DAY for YEARS! I would go in and order my iced grande soy chai and pay $4.50. That adds up to $135/month and about $1600/year. WOW! I tried to quit multiple times. I used the financial angle, how much money I was wasting, how I could use that money for other things, with no success. I used the health angle, it’s not healthy for me, I’m not nourishing my body, no success. Then about 2 years ago (this was NOT a New Year’s Resolution) I was so frustrated I decided to ask myself why I had this habit. The answer I got surprised me!

Having owned my own business, I had spent the majority of my time and energy developing business relationships and growing my business and of course being a mom. What I had neglected was spending time and energy developing friendships. I realized that because I went into Starbucks so often that I got to know the people working there and they got to know me too. I was using my Starbucks habit to meet my need to have friends! I know pathetic, huh! It was the truth and I got really clear that I needed to devote some energy in making real friendships. The moment I realized what need this habit was meeting, I was able to instantly and easily change. It’s been almost 2 years.

Steps for permanently changing a bad habit (this can be used with anything! eating, smoking, drinking, etc)

1. Ask yourself what need is this habit meeting?

2. Once you are clear on what need it is meeting, find a healthier way to fulfill that need.

Yes, it can be that simple!

If you are having difficulty doing this on your own, I have a resource to offer you…my Empowered Life Consultation. It’s a Complimentary 30 minute consultation to get super clear on how to change the habit(s) that are causing you stress and no longer serving you!

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Identify a habit you want to change. Ask yourself what need is this habit meeting. Find a new, healthy way to meet that need!

Change is welcome!
Change happens easily!

Make it an OUTSTANDING week! It’s your choice!

Sharing is Caring! If this has been helpful, please share with family, friends, and loved ones!

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