cash in hand Monday Motivator!  How you can create an abundance of cash NOW!Money…it seems like a four letter word to most people. I know, it use to feel that way to me! Until I learned that I can create it whenever I want…seriously! Ok, so you are either calling BS or you are very intrigued!

Money is really just energy. So many of us have money stories we are holding onto from childhood. It is time to ditch the baggage and create something NEW and FRESH! The way energy flows in the universe is by giving and receiving. So if you feel stuck with your money flow you can actually stimulate this principle on your own!

Step 1 Initiate the money flow by giving! (it doesn’t have to be money) One great way to do this is the clean out a closet, basement, or attic. Gather a pile of things that you no longer use and donate them to a charity.

Step 2 State the intention that you would like to receive in the form of money (This is very important!)

Step 3 Sit in gratitude when the universe provides! Yes, it can be that simple!

Not too long ago I did this very exercise and the results were AMAZING!

Ask yourself what baggage about money or making money am I still holding on to? Does it serve you? How is this holding you back in life? Perform the above exercise and be amazed by the results!

What used to be my money ceiling is now my money floor! (Say it with power and meaning!)

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