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Creating Your Intentional Life:  Simplicity, Authenticity, & Joy (Jan 27-28 2018)

Now more than ever with all that is going on in the world, you know it’s important to create a life that is intentional. One that is simple, authentic, and joyful. When you are intentional, it means you can make the biggest impact on your family and your community.

What if you woke up everyday and followed your heart’s desires?

What if you let go of the “should’s” and obligations that are crushing your soul?

What if you woke up every day speaking your truth and making choices that felt good to YOU?

What if your life and environment were simplified and decluttered?

What would change in your relationships? Your health? Your career? Your community?

You are Wonder Woman… constantly striving to be a great mom, the best daughter, a loving wife, a supportive friend, an outstanding employee, a rock star entrepreneur, a great leader.

And…you are tired and unfulfilled.

The days and weeks fly past in a whirlwind of to-do lists, errands and taking care of everyone – except you. Every now and then, you slow down just enough to hear your soul whisper. You tell yourself there will be plenty of time for your big dreams…

  • when the kids are older.

  • when I’ve lost the weight.

  • when the credit cards are finally paid off.

  • when my life is finally organized.

What if your life had less striving and more living?

It’s time.

Creating Your Intentional Life – Simplicity, Authenticity and Joy is an inspiring two day women’s workshop retreat. It’s your guide to living the life of your deepest soul desires.

Come together with an amazing tribe of women and…

  • get clear on what you want most out of life

  • reclaim your true voice

  • put your soul’s desires back on the agenda

  • tune into your patterns of self sabotage that keep you from achieving your goals and how to break the cycle

  • dive into your money story and learn how to reframe it for true abundance

  • get inspired by how essential oils can amplify what you want to bring into your life

  • discover how to simplify your space and your life for joy

  • understand what true nourishment means to you

Slow down. Reflect. Breathe. Connect. Laugh. Plan. Dance. Dream. Believe.

The Stonehedge Inn and Spa, nestled on 4 wooded acres on the banks of the Merrimack river, is the perfect setting for this two day retreat for women. Both days include a delicious continental breakfast and a scrumptious farm to table lunch. Dinner Saturday is on your own, but stay close, as there will be a fun activity Saturday night.

We have arranged for a special group rate of $179 for those who choose to stay in one of the Inn’s luxurious guest rooms.

You deserve this special time to experience the gift that is YOU.

10% of the profits from Creating An Intentional Life will be donated to HAWC – Healing Abuse Working for Change. HAWC provides free services and support to victims of domestic abuse residing in 23 cities and towns on Massachusetts’ North Shore.

Jan 27-28, Stonehenge Spa & Inn in Tyngsboro, Ma

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Interested in booking Colleen as a Speaker?

Colleen loves speaking to women’s groups that are focused on healing from past traumas, living life authentically, and speaking your truth.  Email for more information.

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