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Awaken to Your Soul & Transform from Past Trauma 

Are you going through a transition or “crisis” in your life that you know is a spiritual awakening?

If you are ready to turn this into an opportunity to awaken to your soul, connect with what you really want in your life, and heal from past traumas keep you stuck, then keep reading.

Maybe you have gotten out of a relationship recently.  Maybe you now have an empty nest.  Maybe you or a loved one is going through a health crisis.  Maybe you have lost a loved one.  Something has happened that is causing you to look at life differently.

Have you been asking yourself things like who am I?  What is my purpose?  What do I really want?

You are at a crossroads.  You know it’s time for some changes.  More than likely you have been so used to focusing on and meeting everyone else’s needs first, that you have put yourself last.   It’s time to focus on YOUR needs.  You are craving a life that is authentic and in alignment with your purpose.  But, you have limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging pattern that stem from past experiences that are keeping you stuck.

It’s time to HEAL from the past and transform into the REAL YOU!

Healing means knowing who you are.  Healing means having the power to make NEW choices that are in alignment with your truth.  Healing means breaking patterns that were created from past traumas that are sabotaging your happiness, so you are FREE.  Healing mean loving yourself, not intellectually, but from your soul.  It means loving and accepting your true self without any outside need for approval.  

This program is designed to go deep into who you really are and what is holding you back.  It’s an opportunity to awaken to what old stories and beliefs are holding you back and to let them go.

There will be a private Akashic record reading where you will discover your divine gifts and specific patterns of choice that are blocking you from creating what you want.  There will also be a day long group healing intensive with 4-6 women at a house on a lake in Salem, NH on Sunday October 15th.  

If you are interested in connecting with your power and being FREE from your past then fill out the following questionnaire so we can have a conversation to see if you are a good fit for this program, please fill out this brief application

Interested in booking Colleen as a Speaker?

Colleen loves speaking to groups that are focused on healing health issues naturally, like yoga studios, health expos, etc.  Her specialty is talking about the root cause(s) health conditions, beyond the physical.  Email for more information.

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