Have you ever thoughts like… when I’m married I’ll be happy?  Or when I have a thriving business, I’ll be happy?  Or how about when I have kids or have a home, I’ll be happy?

Well, I’ve thought all of those things in the past.  If you looked at my life 7 years ago from the outside, it looked like I had everything I needed to “be happy”…the husband, the kids, the house, the business.  

But, that was the furthest thing from the truth, at that time.

In our society, we have been conditioned to think that something outside of us will make us happy.  We have been conditioned to believe that we need these things and that these are the things that will bring us happiness.

Even though I had all those things, I was miserable, sad, and angry.

How come?

Many reasons…. I was constantly making choices that went against what I really desired.  I was constantly putting everyone else first.  I was constantly making choices out of obligation, like who to spend time with and what I did everyday.  I was always people pleasing because that’s the only way I thought you could receive love, by making others happy.  

What I rarely ever did was ask myself what do I want?  How do I want to spend my time?  What is going to fill me up?  

I didn’t have a foundation for self-love.  The main reason for that is because I had not healed from many past experiences where I believed I was not good enough.  I was not lovable.

It wasn’t until I did the inner healing work necessary around those experiences that I could even see how I had been sabotaging my happiness.   

So, I want to ask you…on the outside do you have everything you thought you wanted, but are still unhappy?

If you answered YES, then that may mean that you may have been making choices that were NOT authentic to who you are and what you really want.

It’s so easy to get caught up in thinking we want something, when it’s really just what others want for us or what we have been conditioned we should want.

If you are in that space right now, then ask yourself what do YOU really want?  what is true and authentic for you?

Then, start making new choices that align to what YOU want.

As the saying goes…happiness is an INSIDE job.  It is created in making choices that are in alignment with YOU!

With Courage,