The most important muscle you will ever build...

There has been quite a powerful topic this past week both for me personally and for my private clients that I feel is important to share…

It’s the topic of faith.

I’ve mentors & spiritual teacher describe faith as believing in something even when there is no physical evidence of it yet.

I want to ask you a question, where is your faith right now?  (Be honest!)

Do you believe ONLY when you see external evidence of manifesting what you want/need?  And this is not coming from a place to judging you!  It’s REALLY important to know how much faith you really have in something.  Because the amount of faith you have will DIRECTLY impact the actions you take or don’t take!

I believe building your Faith Muscle is the MOST IMPORTANT muscle you can ever build!

Here are my TOP TIPS on how to build your faith…

  • pick up the phone to follow up with that potential client
  • feel calm & peaceful even when everything seems to be “falling apart”
  • ask that potential client to work with you
  • charge what you are worth without getting caught up in what others think
  • launch that program
  • deliver your talk with Authority & Power
  • continuously push out of your comfort zone
  • take risks that don’t make any “logical sense” but feel right in your heart

I’ve found building my faith as THE MOST IMPORTANT KEY to my success!

So I want you to keep this in your awareness this week and ask yourself when you are presented with an opportunity…

1.  Is this opportunity going to move me closer to what I want?

2.  If I had 100% belief in myself and that I am supported, would I say YES to this opportunity?

Remember…GOD/UNIVERSE WANTS you to succeed!  But you cannot and will not without your faith!

Consciously build your Faith muscle, it is the foundation of your power!

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