You know the saying “Ignorance is Bliss”…well when it comes to wanting to Bounce Back after a past event that has rocked your world (even if that event happened years ago)…

Ignorance can be your greatest enemy!

What you don t know is hurting you    YouTube Ignorance is your greatest enemy when looking to Bounce Back after a crisis!Check out the today’s video!

Here’s why…it’s the things that happen AFTER you have had an unexpected life event that can & will impact & limit your life.

For example, when you are first experiencing the event whether it is a job loss, divorce, car accident, death or illness of a loved one…your fight or flight response gets triggered.

Basically, you just want to “survive” the experience. And here is what most people do not realize…

If nothing is actively done to break out of that state, you will continue to stay here, to a lesser degree.

For example, if you are in a bad car accident…initially you go into that survival mode and then once you are out of the immediate crisis you calm down to a degree.

But you may notice that any time you drive by the location of the accident you start to feel those feelings again, or any time any of the circumstances are similar to when you had the accident you can get triggered. That can be if it was raining or if you were in the passenger seat, etc. basically anytime that your circumstances remind you of that event you can go back into survival mode.

Specific fears, beliefs, associations, emotions, etc occur as a result of the event and these are usually NOT things you are aware of….BUT they are impacting your decisions & choices.

For example, when I was 3 my dad died suddenly in a motorcycle accident. It was the things that were happening that I didn’t realize that made the most impact on my life.

Like…deep down I didn’t ever want to feel that pain & loss again, so I put up a “barrier” around myself and vowed never to let anyone get that close again. This is how i lived most of my life until about 2 yrs. ago. I only allowed someone to get so close. This was effecting my marriage, my relationship with my kids & family.

Using the tools & techniques I use with my clients, I broke down these barriers. As a result, I have allowed myself to give & receive love like I have never felt before! The fear is gone…

The fear of getting so close to someone then losing them again.

So I want you to start to become aware of what past events you have gone through and what barriers or patterns stemmed from those event. How are those holding you back right now?

If you are in a place where you are stuck & ready to break out of those barriers & patterns & have the confidence to fully live life without worrying about what MIGHT happen next then I want to invite you into a Complimentary Rock Your World Session with me!

Go to to apply!

During this session you will discover:

  • how going from coping from this past event to GROWING from it could change your life
  • the patterns that have been created from this event & how they are impacting your life NOW!

I look forward to talking with you!

Go to to apply NOW!

With Courage,


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