So often when we are looking to grow our business or if we are struggling in our business, we start looking for more BUSINESS strategies to help us, right?

Well, that may not always be the best and most effective thing to focus on for your next breakthrough. Now, I am not saying that learning business strategies are not important. But, sometimes to get your next income breakthrough it involves you doing work within yourself.

Let me explain what I mean.

When Sarah first came to me she was so passionate about what she does and was totally committed to doing whatever it takes to grow her business. But she was stuck. She couldn’t seem to break past the $5K month consistently. She had invested in business coaching and other programs to grow her business, but she wasn’t getting anywhere.

She was frustrated about the money she had invested and not seeing any results in her business.

After we talked for a bit, it became clear to me what was holding her back…

She had described some past experiences/crisis/ traumas that she had gone through. The more we talked, the more it was clear how she was still in “crisis mode” and holding herself back in her business.

She was making her decisions from FEAR…

  • fear of being rejected
  • fear she was not good enough
  • fear of what other people thought
  • fear of if she is not lovable
  • fear of something “bad” happening to her again

Her confidence and belief in herself was eroded because she was still living in the PAST!

This impacted her business in a HUGE way!

She was letting opportunities pass her by to speak on bigger stages and bigger events.

In sales conversations she was more concerned with being liked than speaking the truth and serving the client.

She wasn’t following up with potential clients.

After working together and releasing the past, getting out of fear, crisis mode, and transforming her lack of belief in herself, the following happened in her business…

  • she DOUBLED her monthly income
  • she became a more powerful speaker and went after bigger opportunities
  • she grew her team
  • she was serving her clients at a very high level

Is this your story too?

How are you STILL living in the past in your business?

What beliefs and fears are holding you back?

Becoming aware and transforming these issues will be the KEY to your success.

With Courage,


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