It all started with a challenge…

A few weeks ago my Mentor “challenged” me to get some more local speaking gigs in a certain period of time. And
what I learned from the process inspired me to create something that has never been done before (as far as I know)

I found that when I focused my attention specifically on getting more local speaking gigs, I had a flood of opportunities that I created. You may have heard the saying…”What you focus on grows”.

The challenge she presented me with inspired to me actively seek out opportunities, more than I had been. I then found really cool networking & women’s groups that I didn’t even know existed…and I wouldn’t have been inspired to find them without the challenge.

As a result, I am have SEVERAL opportunities “in the works”….some really BIG ones too! And I’ve
had a stream of great ideas about where I want to speak & who I want to speak in front of that I know
wouldn’t have come if I hadn’t been more focused on getting gigs!

I got to thinking…what if I challenged YOU!

So I created The Shine with Speaking 30 Day Challenge!

It all starts MAY 1st! Click here to join

This 30 day Challenge is a NO-COST training I am leading for the month of May. You can expect learning tips & strategies
that will improve the number of gigs you find & book, the number of ideal clients you close, inspiration, & community of like-minded entrepreneurs that are looking to grow their business & share their gifts in a much BIGGER way using Speaking!

The following is included in this Powerful (NO COST) training…

  • A kick off call May 1st sharing top tips to find & book Speaking gigs & share the cool ways you can WIN prizes during this Challenge
  • 2 Videos per week (the weeks of May 5, May 12, May 19, & May 26) sharing powerful tips & strategies to be a more effective speaker, how to close more ideal clients without seeming Pushy or Aggressive, and MUCH MORE!
  • A Private Shine with Speaking Challenge Facebook group for community, inspiration, & sharing resources
  • A Wrap Up Call on Friday May 30th announcing winners, laser coaching, & more!

Click here to say YES to playing a Bigger game with your speaking!

This is for YOU if you…

  • Are a Purpose-driven entrepreneur that wants to share your message using Speaking to impact more people
  • Are just getting started with using Speaking or want to Up-level your Speaking results (find & book more talks & close more ideal clients!)
  • A You are a Coach, healer, or other Holistic professional that genuinely wants to help people
  • A See the power of a Group Mind and genuinely want to see others succeed!

This is NOT for you if…

  • You want to join this group ONLY so you can promote yourself and what you offer NOT COOL!
  • See others succeeding as detrimental to your business

It all Starts MAY 1st!!!! Come on over & join us!