Nine years ago, my husband and I entered a “friendly” corn hole tournament that took place the day before a friend of his was getting married.  

There were several teams all made up of my husband’s friends.  Of all the teams there, my husband was the ONLY guy to chose his wife as a teammate.  All the other men chose another guy over their significant other for this “friendly” tournament.

In the weeks leading up to this tournament, I was mentally preparing.  I actually didn’t physically prepare, as in play corn hole, it was ALL mental.  I was 100% confident that we were going to win.  Actually, I wasn’t really focused on winning the whole thing, I was focused on beating a particular friend of my husbands.  From my perspective this friend had never been very fond of me, and certainly didn’t think my husband had made a good choice in picking me as his partner.  

In fact, this friend starting calling us “Team No Chance”.  

The tournament started and I was in the zone.  Every single throw I made, I expected to either land on the board or go in the hole.  I was ON FIRE!

We were picking teams off left and right.  People were starting to notice us.  

Then we suffered our first loss, but it was a double elimination tournament.  I thought, that’s OK, we got this.

We beat a few more teams.  Then, the next team we faced was my husband’s friend.  We were on the same throwing side.  I took a deep breath and focused.  I was dialed in.  We racked up point after point.  I was keeping my enthusiasm contained, but on the inside I was going WILD.  

After we made the final point to win, I erupted in massive cheer and ran to my husband jumping into his arms.  I imagined this might be how it feels to win the Olympics!  LOL!

We went on to play 2 more teams, and beat them both, to win the whole tournament.  

When I look back on that experience the #1 reason I played so well is because I believed we were going to win.  I remember telling my friend a few weeks before the tournament that we were going to win.  She gave me one of those looks like, yeah sure you are, Colleen, while rolling her eyes.  

I’ve played corn hole a several times since and I absolutely SUCK at it, l can’t even hit the board.  But, that day, I couldn’t miss.

Now, I want you to think about something you are trying to create right now…maybe it’s a successful business….maybe it’s your dream relationship…maybe it’s a new job.

I want you to be really honest with yourself…do you BELIEVE that what you want is possible?

Whatever you really believe, you will make yourself right EVERY SINGLE TIME! 

So often, when I am working with clients, this is the #1 barrier.  They have had an experience or many experiences that are still haunting them that tells them they are NOT good enough, smart enough, or deserve what they want.

Do you believe what you want to create is possible?

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