busy woman 3 Signs your business is taking over your life and how to quickly turn it around

Let me guess… you are determined, driven, persistent. These are all GREAT qualities that will absolutely serve you in succeeding in your career!

They are also qualities that can totally burn you out, leave you drained, frustrated, and if not managed could lead to health problems.

A common problem I see with success-driven, compassionate entrepreneurs who really want to make an impact in people’s lives for the better is that things can get out of alignment.

I know this first hand, because my business and life were completely out of alignment a few years back and it really exploded in my face! Don’t let it get to that point for you!

Here are 3 signs your business/career is taking over your life…

  1. You never or rarely ever take a break throughout the day to meditate, eat, take a brief walk, or something that is not pushing the pedal to the metal.

    Tip: For each hour you work, take a 10 minute break before you continue working.  You will feel refreshed, renewed, and you will be more productive!

  2. You consistently get headaches, neck pain, or back pain. I know there are many things that can cause these symptoms (I am a former chiropractor!). One of the causes is by pushing yourself too hard. Your body is sending you a message through the symptoms.

    Tip: Stop what you are doing and ask your body “What are you trying to tell me?” Be completely open to your body communicating to you something that may need to change.

  3. When you are with your family, you are not fully present because you’re thinking about work. It’s common for this to happen once in a while, but if this is happening frequently, it’s time to change!

    Tip: Be very aware and purposeful that you are intending to stay in the present moment, allowing yourself to enjoy your family. If you find work thoughts creeping in, stop, close your eyes to shut off your mind, and take 5 deep breaths focusing your full attention on your breathing. Open your eyes and become present.

These tips are meant to get you started back to being in alignment and not allowing your business/career to take control over your life!

Have an OUTSTANDING week! It’s your choice!

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