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Dear Soul Inspired Friend, 


 You have been through some tough experiences.


Experiences where you questioned just about everything in your life.  Your Career.  Your relationships.  What you really want.  Your purpose.  Your priorities.

Maybe you lost a loved one…or experienced some type of abuse…or went through a divorce…or infidelity…

Maybe you felt or were abandon or adopted as a child…were bullied…or had a traumatic accident.

As much as you would like to deny it, those wounds are STILL there.  It doesn’t matter how long ago the experience happened.

You are stuck in patterns where you keep creating the same experiences over and over, but you can’t seem to break out of them.

Maybe it’s with your health, where you create one issue after another.

Maybe you always go after a love interest that is not good for you.  

Or, maybe you feel stuck in a job or career that sucks the life out of you.

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All you want is to be happy…joyful…peaceful…confident… and successful.

But, something about your past keeps holding you back.

You’ve tried talking about it with your friends and loved ones.  Maybe you have been to therapy or counseling. 

It helps for a little bit, but now you seem stuck at a plateau and it’s not actually helping you move forward.

I want to share with you why that is happening and what needs to change…because it is the KEY to being able to finally move forward toward your dreams.


Let’s be honest.  You have survived your past…and that’s no small feat. But, now you are done with JUST surviving.  

You are ready to let go of the fear and other inner limitations and live a life that deep down you know you deserve.  Your time is NOW.

You are ready to THRIVE!

Fear can take over our life.  So, I created a free report called Thriving After Trauma:  A Soul Inspired Guide to Transformation. 
The awareness from this free report could change your perspective and the way you live your life… for the BETTER!

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Hi, I’m Colleen Suchecki, Speaker and Intuitive.

I support you  in breaking through what is holding you back from creating a business and life that is in alignment with you, who you really are, and what you really want.

I use my intuition and techniques to re-wire your  body from past traumas and connect back with who you are at soul level, so that you can finally let go of what no longer serves you.

I help you to  step fully into your power and to create what you  really want.

I help you  tap into unlimited inner resources that have been blocked by fear,  transform  painful past experiences into pure gold and opportunity for growth while having fun, and balancing work and play.

Before working with Colleen, I was struggling with a lot of fear and overwhelm. I know that the work I do makes a difference, but I was very apprehensive about getting out there in a big way. Colleen helped me stretch and grow mentally and emotionally, which has had a huge impact on my business. I’m consistently making thousands of dollars more per month now! Plus, she helped me come off of some medication that was no longer serving me. I feel great and am serving more people with my gifts. Sandy Rees

Get Fully Funded

Before working with Colleen I had invested a lot of money in a business program to build my business and was getting no where.  I learned all the strategies I needed, but for some reason I wasn’t taking action, I was holding myself back.  I was really questioning if I could make it work.  While working with Colleen, she was able to help identify and remove things I had internally that were roadblocks to me taking action, like fears and limiting beliefs.I just had a major breakthrough, I got really clear on who I want to help and how I want to help them, I made more money from a group fitness program than I had in the last 9 months (or ever have before), and I just got my first 4 referrals for private clients! Amy Ostenkamp

Fit Freedom

When I first met you and heard about your Company, I had a sense that this somehow was going to change my life. After my reading, and during the 21 days after, I felt something change in me, drastically.  My whole attitude changed.  I became excited about the job I was in, and put everything I had into my job and business development.  I just found out yesterday that I have been promoted to a position that will advance my career immensely.  

My ex-boyfriend is completely gone with no communication or contact.  Out of the blue, I met someone who I completely connect with on every level as complete soulmates.  It was instant.  We both felt the same at the same moment, kind of like an old fashioned “love at first sight” experience.  We both were praying for this and we both are convinced it’s a God thing.  I have never experienced this before.  We have so much in common.  He is excited to move forward and treat my son as his own son.  

I had been praying traditionally for 4 years to break away from my ex-boyfriend.  Nothing worked.  I am convinced the change I felt after meeting with you, and working together is responsible for completely changing circumstances in every aspect of my life.  It felt like a blockage was lifted, weight off my shoulders, a change in mindset, and attitude.   

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul.


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Get a reading!

You know that you are a divine being living a human experience and you would like to get to know yourself more.

You know that having a better understanding of who you TRULY are at soul level, and your innate gifts will be HUGE in changing your reality.

Get a reading here.

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Would you like to meet other like minded  business women that want to uplevel their life and business?

Come meet me at one of my events, learn what you need to do to create what you want in a fun way, how to heal your old stories that are holding you back.

Find events right here.

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Work with Me 1:1

You have been living status quo in your business and life for a while now, and it’s killing you.

You know you want a business that is in alignment with who you are and what you want, but you have been stuck in fear, and you are  ready to move on.

Work with me  here.


Download your Free Report: Transform your Fear

Find out how to begin to break through what is holding you back to creating your happy business.

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Download your Free Report: Transform your Fear

Find out how to begin to break through what is holding you back to creating your happy business.

You have Successfully Subscribed!